Queue Technologies:

Web Redesign

​Role: UX Designer, project manager

Duration: 2 weeks

Methods: In-depth interview, heuristic review, synthesis, usability testing 

Deliverables: user research plan, persona, site map, wireframes, prototype

Context And Challenge

Queue Technologies is a viral marketing company that works for startups, marketing agencies, influencers and brands to help them increase marketing ROI through community marketing. Our UX team was approached by Queue to redesign their website in order to increase leads, especially demo and free trial request and provide other design-related feedback. 

User Research 

To begin the discovery phase of the redesign, we did competitive analysis on three other competitors and heuristic review of their current site. At the same time, we conducted user research through in-depth interviews with current and potential clients.

Research Audience

• Current Users:

   start-up or brand owners

• Perspective Users:

   growth marketers


Sample Interview Questions

• What information can you get from this website? 

• When you are looking for a marketing platform, what are the key features you look for on their website?


After collecting all the feedback from interviews and analytics from Queue, we used affinity diagram that groups the input by similarity to create patterns and generate design ideas.

Some insights:

• a case study page 

• a more obvious way to request a demo

• visual information about how it works

• some contents are confusing

Queue Affinity Diagram 1

Affinity diagram

Based on the feedback that there are repeating information and confusing contents among the pages, we recreated a sitemap to visualize and clarify the information architecture of the whole site.  


From there, we figured out users' major pain points and motivations when they are using such community marketing platform, especially about what information they are looking for for them to sign up or request a demo. We created two personas from our target group to shows these information and think from their perspectives to work on our design.

brand persona
Copy of Startup Persona



We started ideation directly from the insights of our research synthesis. First, we did a few paper sketch including the ideas of adding a video or request a demo button in the hero section based on users' request of visual explanation. I conducted A/B testing and then decided the later one in our wireframe.

new doc 2017-04-03 15.22.40_1
new doc 2017-04-03 15.22.40_3
new doc 2017-04-03 15.22.40_2
new doc 2017-04-03 15.22.40_4

Based on our ideation and insights from research, we created these wireframes including following pages for our desktop redesign: 


• Hero section: with CTA to request a demo because users have a strong need for a visual explanation of how the product works.

• Customer type: each customer sector's pain points

• Client Testimonials

• Features (We removed the icons because users found confused about them. Instead, we used the format of a checklist to show what they can get from this product).

Solution page - Startup

• How it works for this specific customer segment

• Any business benefits

• Related case studies

Case Studies Page

A new page based on users' strong need, can be accessed through homepage and each solution page. 

About Us Page

We separated the original About page into About us and About community marketing to reduce confusion.


After one week of our deliverables, our client Queue Technologies implemented our redesign of the homepage done by their developers and visual designers. 



At the same time, I also conducted usability testing and expert review on our prototype. I particularly conducted a A/B testing on the two versions of home screen above. Based on the testing feedback, we also provide the client with future suggestions:

• The mission sentence in the hero section can be tested with more versions because now people have different opinions about that.

• To make Queue stand out more, a competitive analysis can be displayed somewhere on the website to shows what it has better than its competitors.

• The visual design, especially the icons needs more work because users feel overwhelmed and confused. 


Overall the website was redesigned to have a clear information structure and layout that the client had requested, while also providing the users with a more direct experience to get to know the product and easiness to find useful information. The research and synthesis process played an important role for us to figure out the users' pain points, which assisted the user-centered design process. 

"Landy took her time to thoroughly understand our business and customer profiles for our UX project that resulted in very specific advice that proved invaluable in improving our website conversion and sales. Landy is a great professional and passionate learner."

- Joe Sanchis, founder of Queue Technologies


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