Soy App:

IOS App Develop & Design 

Role: Product Owner,  UX Designer

Duration: 3 months

Methods: project management plan, In-depth interview, online survey, market research, research synthesis, scrum,  interface design, usability testing

Deliverables: user research plan, user flow, wireframes prototype and usability testing result

Context And Challenge

As the founder of this start-up project, I led a team of four spending 4 months in total, trying to create a breakfast fixed-location pick-up platform for college students and office workers in the financial district. We noticed such target audience need a more convenient and healthy breakfast solution. Therefore, we were developing an online preorder app and they can pick up at several locations on their way to work or classes. I was focusing on the user and market research, and also the app UX design. 


To begin the discovery phase of the app development, we needed research about the breakfast market and our target audiences' breakfast behavior pattern. Besides working with Neilson Inc. to get the industry data, we also did our own user research through in-depth interviews an online survey

Survey sample questions


We get the feedback from the interviews and survey together and figure out that students and office workers have different pain points. Students are more sensitive to price, and office workers prefer the breakfast package easy to carry. The common pain point for both of the target groups is FAST. Therefore, our app design ideas are:

• Pre-order and use QR code to pick up, which saves students time

• Easy buying process, as few clicks as possible 

• Keep record of users' buying behavior and generate personalized recommendation

• Provide promo or highlight price difference for student users



Working together with a visual designer, our team designed the mockup below: 



After we finalized our mockup, we moved on to a Flinto prototype and coded it by our developer. We conducted usability testing on our first group of users by asking them specific questions and ask for general feedback. 

Here are some testing takeaways:

• The product in general looks good visually and functions well, with an easy checkout process. The preorder action takes average less than 2 minutes once they have created a profile. 

• Once the preorder is finished, some of the users spend a longer time than predicted to find the QR code again. The findability of important information should be improved. 

• The nutrition facts on the product detail page is less important than some related products or combo. 

• The floating shopping cart icon could be repositioned to keep the style consistent among pages. 


It was a rewarding and challenging experience to be the product owner and also designer for this breakfast pick-up app. Working together with visual designers and engineers required good communication and management skills to keep the work consistent and efficient. Scrum meeting helped my ideation in design a lot. What also worked was to finalize the user flow before moving onto any sketch work. Walking other team members through the flow from the users' perspective helped us optimize the user experience and keep the whole process as simple as possible. Besides the functionality and usability, I will also keep exploring and learning about visual design principles.  


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