Android Interface Redesign

​Role: UX Designer

Duration: 2 weeks

Methods: In-depth interview, heuristic review, synthesis, usability testing

Deliverables: user research plan, user flow, site map, Android interface wireframes, prototype and usability testing result

Context And Challenge

flightSpeak is a mobile app that provides travelers around the world with a personalized airport concierge. The key feature of the current app is to provide an estimation of security waiting time and airport resources like dining options, shopping area and so on. At this point, flightSpeak is seeking for an app redesign with a clear direction that will create a more personalized experience for the users so that they can increase the customer acquisition and retention rate. Our team ​chose to focus on the Android interface redesign. 


Before we came up with design ideas, we decided to conduct user research first through in-depth interviews to know more about their airport experiences. We also compared their current app with some airport apps and airline apps for a competitive analysis. Then we conducted a comprehensive heuristic evaluation on their current app based on our design standards and found out some usability issues.  

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Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.39.05 PM
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Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 2.39.33 PM
Heuristic Evaluation


After collecting all the feedback from interviews, clients' need and our own evaluation, we used an affinity diagram that groups the inputs by similarity to uncover the pain points and frustrations of travelers when they are at the airport and better customize their wants and needs.

Some insights and design ideas:

  • People want to know flight information and track their flights

  • People like to know the security wait time for better time management. 

  • What is nearby their gate is a good feature to use because they are likely to explore the airport while waiting.

  • People like the idea of a more customized airport experience and they think it's convenient. 


Based on our synthesis result, we moved on to our design stage, starting from several user flows that represent the users' process of finishing specific tasks or based on different scenarios. 

User Flows

Once we finalized the user flows and what information we should include on each page, we started collaborated brainstorming on whiteboards and paper sketches to figure out the layout of pages through ideation. Our design idea is to provide the users with a personalized airport experience and the personalization comes from their preferences and where they are located (flight information). We then wireframed the Android app interfaces on Sketch. 


Airport/ Home Page

The homepage that we redesigned contained four major sections: 

• Track flight

• Estimated security wait time 

• Explore nearby 

• flightSpeak community 

Dining Options Page

Our users gave us the feedback that they prefer to see the personalized recommendations like "airport app" instead of showing them the numbers of options. Therefore, we redesigned the dining page that includes: 

• Link to edit preference 

• Filters of dining options 

• Introduction of each recommendation 

Preference Editing Page

Our users gave us the feedback that they prefer to see the personalized recommendations like "airport app" instead of showing them the numbers of options. Therefore, we redesigned the dining page that includes: 


After we finalized our wireframes, I created the prototype using Invision to fully interact with the redesign and conduct further usability testing on potential users. 

Our usability testing result showed that users liked the personalized feel by putting in their flight information and preferences. There is also some feedback implying some usability issues that we want our client to pay attention in the future redesign: 

• The users are confused about "flightSpeak community" section on the home page. 

• It will be nice to be integrative with boarding pass and self-check-in process.

• Some users are not sure what are the benefits of signing up for an account. They could just put in their flight information and preferences to get the recommendation. There should be a clear purpose or benefits for the users to sign up.

• The new design should re-introduce general search on the homepage once flightSpeak enhances search engine capabilities, including recommendation, airport information, services and so on. 


It was my first time designing an Android app. The research phase was the most important part of the entire redesign work, including the heuristic evaluation, the competitive analysis and the learning of Android design standards. Also, the interactive design of an app requires multiple times of usability testing to validate the design. We found some usability issues after the first round of testing and our client is working with the engineering time to fix those glitches and implement this design to both Android and IOS.

We will get updates in a month to see if they have an increase in the active user base. 

"It was awesome. I enjoyed working with the team."

- Leo Osahor, founder of flightSpeak



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